Bailey County, Tx.

named for Peter James Bailey

Bailey is named for Peter James Bailey, a defender of the Alamo. Its county seat is Muleshoe.

The county was marked off from Bexar County in 1876. Bailey and twenty-one other counties newly formed at the time were attached to Jack County for judicial purposes. In 1881 jurisdiction of Bailey County was transferred from Jack to Baylor County. Settlement of Bailey County did not come early, since the XIT Ranch held most of its land from 1882 until the division and sale of the ranch in 1901.

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Welcome to Bailey County
The county center lies at 34°04′ north latitude and 102°50′ west longitude.

City of Muleshoe
The town of Muleshoe, Texas, was incorporated in 1926. It had been founded just 13 years earlier, when the Pecos and Northern Texas Railway laid tracks across the agrarian expanse of Bailey County.
* = unincorporated # = WikiPedia page

Adjacent counties are; Parmer County, Lamb County Cochran County, Roosevelt County (New Mexico), Curry County (New Mexico).

Other places in Bailey County:

Muleshoe Heritage Foundation
No visit to Muleshoe is complete without a tour of our unique Muleshoe Heritage Center Complex!
Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge
Muleshoe, the oldest national wildlife refuge in Texas, is one of a chain of refuges in the central flyway.

Major highways include; Highway 70, Highway 84, and State Highway 214.

Heritage House Inn – Muleshoe, Texas
Come stay with us in our beautiful Victorian Inn that is located in the Panhandle of Texas.

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