Archer County, Tx.

Named for Branch Tanner Archer!

Archer County is located in the U.S. state of Texas, and was formed in 1858 from Fannin County. It is bounded on the North by Wichita County, on the west by Baylor County, on the south by Young County, and on the east by Clay and Jack counties. Its county seat is Archer City. Archer is named for Branch Tanner Archer, a commissioner for the Republic of Texas.

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The official website of Archer City
Archer City is 25 miles southwest of Wichita Falls, lies at the junction of State Highway 79 and State Highway 25, and is the county seat of Archer County.
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Adjacent counties are; Wichita County, Clay County, Jack County, Young County, and Baylor County.

Archer County, Tx. History:

Dr. R. O. Prideaux settled on the West Fork of the Trinity River in southeastern Archer County in 1874. Originally from England, Dr. Prideaux was the first American settler in the county. Other cattlemen and farmers soon moved in and introduced scattered herds of longhorn cattle to different parts of the county’s grasslands. Along with buffalo hunters, the pioneer cattlemen led the way for other American settlers.

Until the introduction of barbed wire in 1880, cowboys rode along imaginary lines agreed to by heard owner to drive stray animals back to their respective territories. Afterward, herd owners divided the county into three portions. The T Fork and 99 pastures controlled the north section, the OX Ranch and Circle Ranch pastures formed the central part, and the LM, TIP, JJ, CLA Bar, Mule Shoe, GAR, Figure 3, Lazy H, and other smaller ranches occupied the southern portion. Farmers were also moving into the area. Colonists located vacant or unpatented lands throughout the county and built dugout or log, board, or stone houses.

In November 1879 farmers combined with the small ranchers in Archer County and presented a petition to the commissioners’ court of Clay County calling for the political organization of Archer County. Larger cattle interests, bitterly opposed to organization, protested and delayed the process, but in the spring of 1880 the court ordered an election. Archer County was organized on July 27 of that year. Settlers active in county politics included W. B. Hutcheson, T. M. Coulson, William Hutton, and A. J. Ikard.

The Wichita Valley, Wichita Falls and Southern, Henrietta and Southwestern, and Gulf, Texas and Western Railroads played an important role in attracting settlers to the county during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The hard times of the Great Depression in the 1930s shook out many farmers and cut seriously into the county’s crop production. But before and after the onset of the depression, agricultural fluctuations were offset by petroleum production. Oil was discovered in Archer County in 1911, and by 1930 the county was a major shallow producer.

The county’s population centers, Archer City, Holliday, Windthorst, Megargel, Lakeside City, Scotland, Mankins, Dundee, and part of Wichita Falls, are connected by U.S. highways 281, 277, and 82, and by Texas highways and roads. An annual rodeo, a livestock show, and a rattlesnake roundup provide entertainment. Archer County has produced two fiction writers of national stature, Benjamin Capps and Larry McMurtry.

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Other places in Archer County:

Official Website of Archer Community Foundation
Welcome to the official website of the Archer City Visitor Center in Archer City, Texas!
Royal Theater
We invite you to try our Texas-style entertainment at one of our shows during the year. You’ll find your experience unique, rewarding and worth your trip to historic Archer City, Texas.

Major highways include; U.S. Highway 82/U.S. Highway 277, U.S. Highway 281, State Highway 25 State Highway 79, and State Highway 114.

Lonesome Dove Inn
Located in Archer City, Texas, on the edge of the Great Plains. The area has historically been known for its rich land, its cattle and oil, its big ranches, and lonesome cowboys and their cattle calls.
The Spur Hotel
Centered in the heart of Archer City, Texas the Spur Hotel is the perfect atmosphere for gathering with friends and family at your next celebration, book review, writers conference, hunting trip or business retreat.

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