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As you browse County Station, you might notice the “Helpful Tips” that appears on the left side on some pages. Information can take many forms. This is one of them. I hope that these tips help you in whatever you plan to do. I also realize that having one random tip showing up on the left side of the page might not be the best help. 🙂

Here are all of the helpful tips to date. I will try to add to this page as new tips are added to County Station.

  1. If traveling in the USA, get a Walmart Gift Card and use it for your gasoline purchases at stores that have Murphy Gas along the way. They are reusable.
  2. Travel insurance, especially medical coverage, is usually well worth it, even if you are in that more costly older demographic. When you are in a foreign country and are injured or cannot continue your trip, you will be glad you took the time to arrange travel insurance and / or cancellation / trip interruption insurance. – Snapshot Journeys
  3. Major airlines are always changing the allowable baggage weight limits. As well, they are charging much higher excess baggage fees. Check with your carrier to be sure, as well as for the total number of bags and weights allowed. – Snapshot Journeys
  4. 3-pants rule: One pair on your body, one pair in the wash, and one pair that’s clean and ready to wear (This includes the pair you will be wearing to travel in, so only 2 pairs need to go in your suitcase). – Snapshot Journeys
  5. When it comes to travel currency, the basic rule is Cover All Bases because sometimes overseas bank machine connections are not working, sometimes cash advances on credit cards can only be done at banks, and banks may be closed after hours or for holidays, sometimes travelers checks are refused for various reasons. – Snapshot Journeys
  6. Watch your weight when traveling.
    • Eat a good meal AT HOME before you head for the airport.
    • Pack some healthy snacks to munch on your trip.
    • Bring a pair of older running shoes to use at the hotel gym or other places.
    • Take advantage of fun activities on your trip. Even a walk in the park is better than sitting in front of a TV in your room.
    • Restaurant portions are huge! Eat half, or less, and take the rest with you for later.

    Enjoy your trip and remember, you don’t have to gain weight while traveling – Summer Tomato.

  7. There is no standard electric voltage throughout the world. Moreover, plug shapes, plug holes, plug sizes and sockets are also different in many countries. When traveling, be sure to check the voltage for where you are going and have the correct power adapter for your electric equipment.
  8. Bring comfortable shoes when traveling: Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice fashion for comfort, especially if you plan on hours of walking each day.
  9. Sometime, somewhere, when you least expect it, the lights will go out, so be prepared and carry a flashlight. – Snapshot Journeys
  10. The best days to fly out of major airports are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Fewer people tend to travel on these days. You’ll find less crowded airports and better chances for lower fares. It also makes sense to pick the first flight out in the morning for a better chance of avoiding delays (and crowds). Travel + Leasure
  11. Return your rental car on time. Car rental companies operate on a 24-hour billing cycle. Avoid unpleasant extra day and/or extra hour charges by returning your rental car on time. Any extra days are not guaranteed to be at the car rental rate you received when booking the reservation, and may result in high charges you didn’t expect to pay.
  12. When planning travel by automobile, coordinate departure/arrival times to avoid “rush hour” in large cities. Map out estimated distances and times between cities to avoid high traffic times. Adjust your departure time as needed. Spend an extra hour enjoying an attraction. Being in traffic jams is not a way to relax on a vacation. 😉

And there you have them. Enjoy whatever it is you are planning. USA, LLC

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