Q: How do I get a link on the pages?
You ask. Use the Feedback form on this page. I’ll look over your request and add your site “IF” I feel it appropriate. Please do not try to spam me or send multiple requests. If possible, please tell me the page on County Station where you feel the link should be placed. There are a lot of pages and it might not be obvious to me what page the link should be on. 😉
NOTE: County Station does not accept guest blogging or paid links.
Q: Why do I have to be logged in to post comments, private messages or messages on the forum?
Simple and sad. I tried to keep the posting open. This was, of course, abused. I tried all manner of spam prevention. After much effort, I sadly made the decision to close comments and other post to all except registered users. Even with that effort, I still get people who register and put spam in their registration information. 🙁
Q: Why isn’t my area of the world listed on the pages?
The answer is in two parts: 1. I am working on adding pages for all countries of the world as well as states, provinces and such. This is a daunting task for just one person. 2. I don’t have links to your area of the world. Let me know of some quality links and I might add them.
Q: I sent a request to have my link added. Why isn’t it added?
There are many reasons. I might not have gotten to your request yet. Your link might not be what I would consider appropriate.Your request might have been lost. Things happen. NOTE: We do not list Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or Pay To Click (PTC) sites.
Q: How do I link back to County Station?
This code should work in most web sites. Simply copy and paste.
<a title="County Station" href="http://countystation.com">County Station - A world of places, travel information and shopping</a>

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