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Who are "we"?

  We are me. Simple. One person spending a lot of time on the Internet to create this project.

What is County Station?

  County Station is a web directory and information “web portal”. It provides information on the subject of the page, as well as links to other internal and external pages or sites that provide information, services and/or links to the subject of the page. For example; A page for a country or nation would contain information about that country or nation and links to pages providing information and resources about that country or nation. Use the menu at the top of this page to navigate this site.

  County Station also contains two separate Texas county sites that I have lived in. Lamar County Station covers businesses and cities in Lamar County Texas. Collin County Station covers businesses and cities in Collin County Texas. Please visit them as well.

Starting out

  This started out as a small project for the county that I lived in. When I moved to another county, I decided to expand the concept and idea. County Station is far from completed, and may never be totally finished. I keep working on it and I thank you for your visit.

Why is County Station different?

  County Station does not “auto generate” pages. Each page is created by me. Yes, there are templates that I try to follow to “standardize” the site, but you will see that they vary at times.

  I don’t sell advertising. The ads on the pages are from Google and other such sources. A business can’t offer me lots of money to place their ad in what they think is a “prime” position. If you want to advertise with us you should use Google AdWords and target this site.

  Information and links on County Station relates to the subject of that page. If you are directed to a page on County Station for information or services about a subject, you will find information about that subject or links to pages providing that service. You won’t find empty “Web Directory” pages that offer nothing.

How is this site supported?

  Not very well. If you are considering starting a project like this, I would recommend that you sit on a street corner with a tin cup in your hand. You will do better! 😀

  I gain what little support I get from the Google Ads, affiliate sales and donations. Believe me, it isn’t much! If you wish to donate to help me along, there is a Donate button that will take you to PayPal so you may make your donation. Thank you in advance for any help you offer.

How can I help County Station?

  If you have read the above, then you know part of the answer to this. Visit the businesses on the pages and let them know where you found them. Tell your friends about County Station and the pages in it. You can also social bookmark County Station or pages in County Station that you find interesting.

  The other part is to let me know of links that might be of interest to visitors on County Station.

Where are you at?

  At home, of course. 🙂 Honestly, I live in Lamar County Texas at the moment. With any luck, that is where I will stay.

Last updated: 8/2/2014 to clarify some of the wording.

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2 comments to About County Station

  • Great site, but I noticed a few things out of date… “Kegs & Barrels” and “Rene’s Lagniappe” no longer exist (at least in McKinney) and “Bob Willett’s Sewing” page is in Japanese so, I’m guessing that link is no longer valid. How can I list my business on the page?

    • For listings on Collin County Station, visit “http://collincountystation.com/ads.html”.
      For listings on Lamar County Station, visit “http://lamar.countystation.com/ads.html”
      Thanks for dropping by.

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