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Mommy's Day

I have memories, Mom.

I suppose you wanted me to be athletic. You bought the Ping Pong paddles, although I think you missed the part about the Ping Pong balls, the table and the game … but you got the paddle down pat! Did you know how much those things sting on a bare backside?!?

Even though you told me to be careful with sharp things, I think you would have been happy if I had become a Doctor. It seems that I was always going to the Doctor’s Office for something. And they always had a ready supply of needles and other stuff to either stick me or take blood. I don’t think I would have been a good Doctor. I remember all the crying from the injections. I was the one screaming the loudest, remember?

I guess a Pharmacist wouldn’t have been bad. Just putting pills and liquids in bottles as the Doctor ordered for people the take to help what ailed them. Or selling stuff over the counter to help with illnesses. I just want to know one thing. Did you ever taste Caster Oil? That stuff’s awful. I’d rather be sick, but I got better just so I wouldn’t have to take any more of it.

I know you were only thinking of what was best, and grand kids, but it wouldn’t have worked out. Trust me on this. I knew things that you didn’t … like, er, um … just trust me, Ok? 😉

Speaking of trust. Did you and Dad have to follow me when I went out with my friends? It really was embarrassing enough that you knew about the beer without telling the other parents how sick I got and what we did.

Of course, even though it stung like heck, I remember the lessons taught with those paddles.

And I did feel better after the Doctor visit and the medicine from the Pharmacist (I still think Caster Oil should be outlawed, though).

I guess I should have listened to you a bit better about that girl. The one I picked out on my own didn’t work out too well either. But you know that.

Oh, and thanks for holding my head as a paid homage to the porcelain throne after all that beer. And for the uncountable other times that you were there for me … even if I didn’t seem to appreciate them.

Happy Mother’s day, Mom!

My Mom died several years ago and I know a lot has changed in parenting since I was a kid, but one thing remains the same. She loves you no matter what. Love her back while you still can. And if she is gone, remember her. You will find no greater love on this planet … even if you don’t think so right now. USA, LLC

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