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Hot air balloon flight

Hot air balloon flight – Amazing 360 degrees Panoramic view. Vista panorámica de 360 grados. Vue panoramic 360 degrés.

This is one of those pages that you just have to visit and enjoy. Interaction is required. Having had the pleasure of being part of a hot air balloon crew and getting to fly in the balloon I can tell you that it is an amazing experience.

It might take a minute for the page to load. Wait for it! It is worth it. When the page is loaded, you will find yourself in a hot air balloon. The pilot is there as well. Use your mouse to navigate around. Left click on the screen and move the mouse. The view will move with it. Click the pictures on the side of the screen to see larger images. Watch as you move around the screen. There are magnifying glasses that will show you photos when you hover your mouse over them.

Do enjoy this page and if you have a chance, take a real flight in a hot air balloon. It is a wonderful thing!

Frank USA, LLC

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