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The (Un)Foreseeable (Future) Present (Past)

“Time waits on no one”. You’ve probably heard that many times in your life. Yet time, the word, is an invention of man to mark the passage of our lives … as well as for remembering the past (what was) and planning for the future (what is, or will be).

And so, we have the past, present and future time. Or do we? Yes, the past did happen and the future can be planned for, but what of the present?

I am of a mind that the present can not exist. We speak of it in words such as “living in the present day” and such … but is that really true? Living in the present must encompass the past and future. Is it not true that each instant is in the past and what we think of to say is in the future until we say it and in the past the instant we thought to say it?

With this in mind, and at this “time” of the year, perhaps we should think a bit about the future while we live in the past and remember what the past has taught us so that the future might be better. We are all, after all, a part of the same past and future and we each affect the other with everything we do. “Time waits for no one”. Once it is done, it is done.

Yes, we are all time travelers. No matter how you divide the journey we take from birth to death, and perhaps beyond, we create the future and live in the past each instant that we exist. Please take the “time” to remember the past and think about how you will affect the future you are creating. Remember, we are all in this together and we all have “time”, like it or not. 🙂

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