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Helpful Tips:

Watch your weight when traveling.
  • Eat a good meal AT HOME before you head for the airport.
  • Pack some healthy snacks to munch on your trip.
  • Bring a pair of older running shoes to use at the hotel gym or other places.
  • Take advantage of fun activities on your trip. Even a walk in the park is better than sitting in front of a TV in your room.
  • Restaurant portions are huge! Eat half, or less, and take the rest with you for later.
Enjoy your trip and remember, you don’t have to gain weight while traveling.

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Covering the dead time in travel

Let’s face it, travel isn’t always going to be sightseeing, touring historical places or other activities. Getting to your destination can be fun and seeing all the wonderful sights along the way and while you are there is what travel is about, but there will be those times when you have nothing to do.

I like to read. A good book or story can help relax me and gives me something to do when there is nothing to do.

Good times to read while traveling:

  • When experiencing “jet lag”. You know, that time after the flight when your body has no clue what time it really is even though you eyes and brain know that it is night and you should be asleep?
  • You’re on a cruise and you are bored but don’t want to go socialize.
  • You are riding a train and the motion of the car is not relaxing you.
  • Traveling with children can be a good time to introduce reading.

I’m sure there are other times that reading would be enjoyable while traveling. In fact, you don’t have to travel to enjoy a good book. Just relax at home and read.


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