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PEER (CompuwarePEER or GomezPEER) on Linux

  I have a computer sitting on a desk behind me. It is my old system, minus and plus a few parts. When it died, I replaced it and put the poor thing in the corner. Recently, I decided to revive it, if possible, and try to run Linux as the operating system instead of Windows.

  I started computing with Microsoft DOS. Command line operations aren’t a big problem for me, but like most people today I am spoiled by the GUI interface of Windows. Years back, I had played with Linux (Slackware) and found it usable, but a lot different from DOS. I didn’t want to learn two command line methods and sets of commands so I stuck with DOS and played with Linux a bit now and then.

  As Linux has “matured”, several GUI interfaces have come along. Gnome is probably the best known. Along with this, a program named “Wine” has developed to allow Linux Users to run Windows-based programs on their Linux systems.

  As mentioned, I decided to revive my old computer and see how Linux would run on it. I choose Ubuntu as my Linux distribution because I had played with it a bit and it seems to be popular. It ran quite well on my old system.

  I mentioned the Linux program named “Wine”. It allows the Linux user to install and run Windows-based programs on their Linux system. I installed it to test out running the PEER (formally: GomezePEER) program.

  The PEER (formally: GomezePEER) is a secure, Java-based application that runs in the background of your PC. It uses the combined spare capacity of PCs around the world to measure the performance of Web sites. PEER sends “work” for your computer to do and then collects the results. The company tracks this and pays you for the work. It isn’t a lot of money, but what the heck.

  The PEER program is Windows only. However, it installs and works under Wine 1.4 in Ubuntu, Zorin, Linux Mint and Salix(Mate desktop). I can’t vouch for other Linux distributions, But I imagine it would work on the other distros with Wine.

So, how do you set this up?

  I simply installed Wine from the Ubuntu Software Center. Wine has a listing of downloads for some Linux distributions. If your distro is not listed, you could compile Wine from the source. Or if your distro has an apps page, look there for it.

  Once you have Wine installed, go to the GomezPEER site and download the app. Navigate to the folder where the app is and set the permissions to allow that file to be executed (not required in all distros, it seems, but check just the same. Saves headaches). In Ubuntu, this can be done by right clicking on the app, going to the “properties” and checking the box in the permissions to allow the file to be executed as a program.

  Once you have set the permissions, just open the file with the Wine Windows Program Loader and follow the install prompts. Once installed, you will need to enter the name you used when you registered with GomezPEER, and maybe some other information when the app starts. From there you let the app run and earn money.

Some Notes and Troubleshooting:

  In Windows, the GomezPEER will update itself when a new version is released. This doesn’t seem to work in Linux. SO … keep a check on your system and if things don’t seem to be working, the program fails to load or some error happens, it would be a good idea to check for a new version of the PEER software and install it.

  In some Linux distros, the app will minimize to the distro’s system tray, or whatever it might be called. Others will show it in a Wine System Tray. I have no idea how to change this. Just move the thing to a different desktop if it’s a problem.

  The PEER GUI interface tends to bleed over into any running program in some distros, so it is best to either not have the GUI up or move it to another desktop if this happens on your Linux machine.

  If you wish to start the PEER when you log into Ubuntu, try this in the startup apps.

It appears that the PEER has been changed AGAIN. 🙁 The directory that the PEER is installed to is now: “c:/Program Files/Dynatrace/LastMile/bin”. The below seems to work in Linux Mint.

"/home/your-computer-name/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Dynatrace/LastMile/bin/GomezPEER.exe"

  This should work for a basic install of wine and PEER. If your install is not standard, you will need to change paths and such.

  The Internet Explorer (IE) version in ‘Wine’ is version 8. It is possible that you will not get as much processing on your Linux computer, but I can not say for sure. I seem to get some processing so I may be wrong. Been there before. You also might want to set your Wine config to default to Vista. You could just add the Gomezpeer.exe to the Applications and set it to Vista. If you add the Gomezpeer.exe to the Applications and set it to Vista, you might want to do the same with “gomezchromeagent.exe” and “gozilla.exe”.

  You may have instances where you receive an error telling you that only one instance of the PEER can run at the same time. It took a bit of looking, but it seems that three things might be the problem. One is the “gomezchromeagent.exe”. The other is “gozilla.exe”. Another is called ‘plugin-container’. If you have this error, open the “System Monitor” (if you don’t have this, use something that will show you the processes that are running on your system). scroll down untill you find the first instance of “gomezchromeagent.exe”. There will be a lot of them. Hold the control key and select each one. Then kill them all (bwahahah … (cough) Sorry. 🙂 ). Next, look for “gozilla.exe” and if it is there, kill it too. All will probably show a status of “Zombie”. Finally, look for the ‘plugin-container’ and kill it if it is there. When you have done this, restart the PEER and it should run again until the zombies once again get it. I have no clue why this happens or how to fix it. Alternately, you could simply reboot your computer or install some program that would reboot your computer on a regular basis (that’s what I did).

According to the GomezPEER site:

  Only PEERs with accrued system activity and online time will be activated. So run the Gomez PEER application as often as possible to increase your chances of being activated.

  Please read and understand all the information given on the Gomez Peer site before joining. Needless to say, but for best results and earnings, keep your computer on 24/7.

  Of course, if you have a Windows computer, you can run the program on that too. I have two Windows systems and the two Linux systems running the program.

If you find this post useful, please let me know. I get a lot of hits on it and am wondering if it helps anyone.

Updated January 14, 2016 Added to and cleaned up the “troubleshooting” area. USA, LLC

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