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Cost reducing travel ideas

Meteor Crater Arizona.
Yes, that’s me standing on the edge of Meteor Crater, Arizona. I’m not a world traveler so these are generally for the USA. They might be good in other areas of the world as well. None of these are guaranteed, but they have helped me when traveling.

The main cost of your vacation will probably be gasoline, food and lodging (not always in that order). You’ll also want to buy gifts. Then there are the entry fees to attractions that you visit and other costs that will pop up.

The key is to plan your trip or vacation so you have an idea of travel time, how many nights you will stay in a motel, number of meals you will need, how much gasoline you will be using and so forth. That’s not easy to do, but it can make a difference on your costs. Think Santa Clause: Make a list and check it twice (or more). 🙂

Be sure to add a bit for the unexpected things that might happen. I hope that nothing bad happens, but we know that life happens just the same. Even with planning, there is going to be something that is forgotten or needed that didn’t get brought along or planned for.

Let’s get on with the ideas:

  1. Coupons for meals! If you plan your trip and have some idea of eating and other establishments in the area you will be visiting along the way, check the Internet for coupons from these establishments and take them with you. We all have our favorite national chain eateries and coupons or those can help with costs.
  2. Walmart is your friend. If you are traveling by motor vehicle (car) you can save a few cents a gallon on gasoline by getting a Walmart gift card. There is usually a Wallyworld along your route somewhere. with a Murphy’s gas station. If you do a bit of math, you can get an idea of the total cost for gasoline and purchase a card with that amount on it. Don’t like Walmart? Get a prepaid credit card and put the money on that.
  3. If you are planning to stay at a motel/hotel, do a bit of research. Find out if the hotel has a “frequent visitor” card of some kind that will give you a discount if you stay with them for several nights. Plan your trip to include staying with that hotel every night if possible.
  4. Plan on renting a car for the trip? Check for deals. Travel services can often package a car rental with your hotel, airline tickets and such. Check with them to find out what is available.

Now get busy and plan that vacation. I hope it is enjoyable and these ideas have helped. USA, LLC

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