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Christmas Travel

Many schools are closed for Christmas break. Travel plans are made, or being made, and everyone is looking forward to the celebration of Christmas. You might be going to visit Grand Parents or other relatives. Could even be a friend that you haven’t seen a while. Whatever your reason or destination, be safe. Here are some things to consider or do while planning and packing for that holiday celebration.

  1. Put some blankets in the rear seat if you are traveling to a place that is cold. This might make a nice booster seat for the kids and are lots easier to get to than trying to dig them out of the trunk (boot) with all the presents and other things stuffed in there.
  2. Check those windshield wiper blades. Change them if needed. While you’re at it, check the fluid in the windshield sprayer (washer) tank. Make sure it’s full of the recommended fluid. If there is a chance of freezing weather, a fluid that won’t freeze should be in there.
  3. Check the tires. Are they in good condition? Correct air pressure?
  4. Roadside flares and other emergency indicators easily accessible? A “Roadside Emergency Kit” would be something to consider having as well.
  5. How about a cell phone? Do you have one? If not, go get a prepaid phone from somewhere just in case you are stranded.

We hope you have a great Christmas! Be safe and enjoy!

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