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Lamar County Texas

Lakes, small towns, farms, ranches and friendly people. That about sums it up.

Paris Texas is the county seat of Lamar County and home of the Eiffel Tower of Paris. What? You mean the Eiffel Tower is in Texas? Are you sure? Ok, I admit it isn’t the one in Paris France, but Paris Texas has its version as well. The Paris Texas version comes complete with a red cowboy hat on top and is a good bit smaller than the France version.

If you like lakes. Pat Mayse and Lake Crook grace the county. Both offer picnic areas, fishing, boating and other recreation. Lake Crook is managed by the City of Paris. Pat Mayse is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and offers camping facilities. The Lamar County Station Tourism page has information on this and more

I also mentioned farms, ranches and small towns. There’s nothing like a drive in the country to get away from it all. A view of the open pasture land with cattle and horses is just relaxing. You will also enjoy the wooded areas of the county.  Then,  a visit to a small Town Square for some shopping to top it all off.

You will need a place to stay on your visit, of course. I suggest you browse to Lamar County Station and look around for information and resources for your visit.

So, what can you do in Lamar County, Texas? Here are some ideas:


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