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Day Trips - Vacations in a day

A day trip is defined as a trip made within one day … well, duh. πŸ™‚ This travel is normally outside the area in which you actually live or work day to day, It usually involves travel of at least 40km/24mi one way from home. People who go on day trips are sometimes called “Day Trippers”. I’m not sure that’s what The Beatles had in mind with the song. πŸ˜•


With that all figured out, the question is; “Where do I go for a “day trip”? The answer is; “Anywhere you can go to and return home from in one day”. Yeah, that’s a wisecrack answer. πŸ˜€

Honestly, planning a day trip is not difficult. Ask yourself what would be of interest to you? What interests do you share in common with your family, friends or someone that you might ask to go along with you? Once that is answered, do the following:

1. Search the Internet or other sources for places close by that might be interesting to you. You might be surprised at what you find. Do a little research. The local Chamber of Commerce is one place to find points of interest close by. Ask your friends or fellow workers if they know of places for a day trip. They might even be willing to go along and help with expenses.

2. Plan the trip. After determining where you are going, work out a schedule. You can often visit more than one point of interest in a day if you plan it out. Make it flexible so you won’t feel rushed. This is supposed to be relaxing and interesting, not rushed and aggravating.

3. Plan for meals. Depending on when you want to leave and when you plan to return, you could have one to three meals to buy or plan for. Take a picnic lunch if you want. There are often places along the road to stop and eat.

4. Figure in the costs of admission and other expenses. Some points of interest charge a fee to visit. Add a little extra just in case. As with any venture, there is always the unknown and unexpected. You might want to buy something to remember the trip.

5. Speaking of the unexpected, plan a little extra time into the trip. You might find something along the way that you want to take a look at. Again, this is supposed to be relaxing, not rushed. πŸ˜‰

Day trips are usually from your home to a place of interest and then back home. However, a day trip can be taken from anywhere you happen to be. If you are visiting a friend or relative in another city, state or wherever, consider taking a day trip from there. Ask where something interesting is in the area and then follow the tips above. It can make a visit even more fun! When my family visited my Uncle’s family, we always took day trips. There are fond memories there.

I probably forgot some things here. The main thing is to plan the trip. I have taken many day trips by myself and with family and friends. It can be a lot of fun and you often find things you never expected so close to home.

Oh yeah, just because it’s called a “day trip” doesn’t mean you can’t stay overnight. πŸ˜‰

Have a great time! USA, LLC

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