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Cloudcroft, New Mexico

As a child I traveled New Mexico quite a bit with my parents, Uncle, Aunt and cousins. Far from being an expert, I do believe I know a bit about the area. 🙂

Cloudcroft is a favorite place of mine. It is a town on the top of a mountain and … well, it is a town on the top of a mountain. It is a good place to visit on its own merits, and, it makes a great base location to visit several interesting places.

Cloudcroft, New Mexico is….

16 miles from the Space Museum, Alameda Park Zoo, and Toy Train Depot in Alamogordo.
On your way down the mountain, enjoy the many scenic turnouts and the tunnel.
40 miles from casino wagering and golf at the Inn of the Mountain Gods.
This is located on the Mescalero Apache Reservation, home of the Mescalero Apache Tribe.
50 miles from Ruidoso Downs.
Located in the City of Ruidoso Downs, it is the place to go if you like horse racing.
40 miles from White Sands National Monument.
I hope you have read the article on White Sands. If not, go here.
150 miles from Carlsbad Caverns.
Go here to learn about the caverns. I have been there many times. It never grows old.
90 miles from El Paso and the Mexican border.
While not in New Mexico. it is a scenic and historic town.
Within 50 miles of 8 magnificent golf courses.
If you like golf, what more could you ask? 😉

I am not a golf person, although my father was … No, I like the scenery and other attractions. Along with the above attractions, I would suggest:

Valley of Fires Lava Flow located just a few miles West of Carrizozo, this flow occurred 1500 years ago. Follow the self-guided trail through the flow to see the amazing lava formations. It is worth the visit. Unless things have changed, you can even camp there overnight. USA, LLC

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