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  Knowing where you want to go is not the same as knowing *about* where you want to go. It is just as important to know about the place you want to visit as it is to know where you want to visit. What are the customs of the place? What is the culture of the people there? What sort of transportation is available? Major airports? What airlines serve the airports? What kind of lodging is available? Knowing the answers to these and other such questions can save you a lot of headaches when you travel.

  No matter where you are going or what you are going to do, you will also need supplies and other products to take with you or have available. Our goal is to provide the information you need when making plans for travel or other activities. We hope you enjoy your visit, and please feel free to leave us your comments and suggestions.


Continents distinguished by colors

  If you like to travel, need information about travel, want to book a vacation or business trip, or are just interested in learning about places around the world, this is the place for you. In the “Planet Earth” and “Travel Center” menus, we have information on places around the world, along with merchants to help you plan your travel. Sit back, browse and let your imagination wander. There’s no telling what you will find here! You can locate information for planning a vacation, business trip or research whatever travel you need. Any time of the year is a good time to travel. Use our resources to find information on international or local places that you might want to visit. Or just learn about places all over the world.

  When you have decided where on Earth you want to go, the merchants represented here are ready to help you work out the details and bookings for your trip. They can help with car rental, hotel booking, airline flight reservations and other needs.


  If you like to shop, or need supplies for your trip, we have that as well. Our Merchants represent a variety of products for your shopping pleasure. They are listed under the “Shopping” tab of the menu. Look over the specials we have posted or visit that store’s page and shop from there. When you find what you want, buy through the store’s cart. Safe and secure.

Online advantages:

There are advantages when you shop and buy online;

  • Shopping online is economical and environmentally friendly with less impact from greenhouse gases, gasoline use, and less wear and tear on your car
  • Enjoy the security and integrity of buying through the shopping cart of national companies.
  • Purchase direct from national companies with their warranties, great deals and other benefits.
  • Shop from the comfort of your home or office. No pushy sales people.
  • No waiting for stores to open or getting there just as they are closing.
  • Your purchase can be shipped to you.
Our promise:

  One thing you will not find here is a lot of hype. Our goal is to provide you with links to web resources, information and places on an international level without a lot of sales talk and useless babbling. We’ve sorted the information based on country and other factors to make it easier to find. Be sure to visit our Calendar page as well.

Always here:

  We have been here since 2008 and are always open. We have no plans to leave anytime soon, so drop in anytime. If you are having trouble finding what you need, use our search to look in all of our pages. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can find us the next time you need to shop, plan a business trip, vacation or other travel. We’ll be here waiting for you.

Gas (Petrol) Prices

  If you are planning to travel via automobile, international or locally, you should check the price of gasoline along the way. Find Low Gas Prices in the USA and Canada with If you are in the United Kingdom, should be able to help you.

Check the weather for your travel worldwide

  It is guaranteed the weather will change and travel will be affected by the weather. If you are traveling a short distance or internationally, it is a good idea to get a weather forecast for where you plan to visit and the route you will take along the way. Weather information will help you in planning what clothing to pack and any other articles that you may need during your travel. Enter the city or zip code (Postcode) and click the “Go” button to find the weather at your planned destination.

Directions by City or Zip (Postcode)

  You’ll probably need maps, directions or both at some point in your travels. Just type the starting place in the first box, the ending destination in the second box and click “Go”. As an example, you could enter your home address as the starting point and the address of the place you are to stay at as the destination.

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